Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Crosswalks in Hi-Fi. pt. II

Back in August, I teased the arrival in Historic Filipinotown of new crosswalks on Temple Street patterned after traditional Filipino weave patterns. Now the Bureau of Street Services (the BOSS) has installed patterned crosswalks designed by artist Erwin Federizo (who also designed Hi-Fi's street banners) at three Hi-Fi intersections. The kids of Burlington school, a day care school in the neighborhood, performed a short dance and helped us break in the new crosswalks. The artist himself was on hand, as was Jocelyn Geaga-Rosenthal from the Historic Filipinotown Improvement Association and a representative from the Filipino consul general. And I hear that the BOSS, whose creativity and willingness to listen to the community I must praise here, is already getting requests for the next neighborhood. See more pictures from the crosswalk dedication here.