Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Guest blogger Joe on Orange Line

The first in an occasional series of first-person views from CD13's staff and friends. First up: Historic Filipinotown and Elysian Valley field representative Joseph Bernardo.

Living in Northridge, I've always relied on my good ol' Honda Civic to take me around the city. Commuting to work in Silver Lake takes me about 45 minutes to an hour (if there is no accident on the 5 or 101). However, I now have the option of taking the newest Metro line in the City of Los Angeles to work: the Valley's Orange Line.

Last Friday, I attended the long-awaited grand opening of the Orange line. With students from the El Camino Real High School Band providing the music and the always-entertaining Huell Howser serving as master of ceremonies, the “Valley's Newest Shortcut" opened with much fanfare.

After the ceremonial speeches, I was able to take the very first test run of Orange Line with most of the councilmembers. The 60-foot Metro Liner coaches that run along the 14-mile busway provide a smooth, fast ride through the heart of the Valley, from the Red Line stop in North Hollywood to the Warner Center. Additionally, the original artworks that adorn each stop give it a unique LA flavor. As County Supervisor Yaroslavsky said, “the Orange Line truly is the wave of the future."

So once our field office moves to its new location at Hollywood and Western (the lease on our Sunset Boulevard office lease expires at the end of the year), I will be able to drive about 10 minutes to the Orange Line stop at Reseda Blvd., park my car, hop on the Orange Line, transfer to the Red Line at North Hollywood, then get off right across the street from work. Although I won't have the convenience of walking 6 blocks to work like Arsen, my new commute will save me time and money, and most important, save me from the stress I accumulate from cursing and honking at all of the bad drivers in bumper to bumper traffic.

Note: CD13 Field Representatives never, ever curse, not even in traffic.