Friday, October 15, 2010

The New Museum of the Holocaust

Yesterday, I was proud to attend the dedication and opening of the new Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust. Two and a half years ago, I attended the groundbreaking, and it was truly inspiring to see how the site has transformed. This memorial and museum are where Los Angeles takes a stand to help ensure that the horrors of the Holocaust are not repeated, where Los Angeles shall always remember those who were murdered and where Angelenos committed to peace will gather for generations to come.

Through this institution, which strives to educate and enlighten, we can instill in our youth the knowledge and wisdom they need to create a better world than the one they shall inherit.

The spark behind this museum came 50 years ago at an adult English class at Hollywood High School. A group of Holocaust survivors, as they worked together to build their futures here in America, shared their survival stories and artifacts from their tragic pasts, and saw the benefit of sharing their stories with the rest of Los Angeles.

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