Friday, October 15, 2010

Gangs and Domestic Violence

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and today I joined the City’s Domestic Violence Task Force, law enforcement officials and experts to highlight the link between gang violence and domestic violence. Gang members often report that they were drawn to gang life because they were looking for a substitute family. For many gang members, it was violence at home that drove them away from their own families. Breaking the cycle of domestic violence, experts say, can be key to breaking the cycle of gang violence.

This year, the City’s Domestic Violence Task Force decided to deeply explore and act on the link between gang and domestic violence, forming a Domestic Violence/Gang Violence Nexus Committee that brings together gang and domestic violence prosecutors, officers, experts, and intervention, prevention and response workers. The Task Force has forged partnerships between the City’s Gang Reduction and Youth Development Project Managers and domestic violence service providers in there areas, and has supported the production of "Violence Connected," a documentary that explores the gang-domestic violence link that is now being used as a training tool in Los Angeles as well as outside agencies. We also proudly honored LAPD officers who have gone above and beyond in their work against gangs and domestic violence.

You can watch "Violence Connected" here.