Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Spreading Good News

Good News for School on Wheels
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Usually when I see the newswomen in this photo, they are reporting on City Hall. Today, I'm turning the tables on them.

The Good News Foundation is a non-profit organization comprised of women in television news and works to make a positive difference in the communities they cover every day. Today, the Good News Foundation dedicated a new computer center at the School on Wheels location that serves students in grades K-12 who are living on Skid Row. The Foundation donated $10,000 and facilitated a donation by OfficeMax of office supplies and computer equipment valued at $20,000.

This is indeed good news for thousands of students who have received tutoring and mentoring through School on Wheels.

(Pictured are KTTV's Dorothy Lucey, KABC's Wendy Burch, KNBC's Ana Garcia, School on Wheels' Agnes Stevens, KCBS/KCAL's Pat Harvey, and KTTV's Christine Devine.)