Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Great Lawn

BarnsdallLandscape_1 07-2007
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Just a few months after Hollyhock House was named a National Historic Landmark, I joined officials from the Department of Water and Power, Recreation and Parks, and the Metropolitan Water District to dedicate the Great Lawn at Barnsdall Park. Done in the style originally envisioned by architect Frank Lloyd Wright, the lawn employs 6 drought-resistant trees, 18 different species of shrubs, and hybrid Bermuda sod while modeling the new smart-irrigation system to show how we can use water in sustainble fashion in an arid environment during a drought period.

You can visit Barnsdall to see Shakespeare in the Park, exhibits at the Municipal Art Gallery, and tours of the landmark house. Now you can visit to see how a lush, green lawn can be a sustainable part of landscaping in Los Angeles.