Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Boat Race

lotus boat race 2007
Originally uploaded by CD-13
Followers of the blog will know that my staff and I aspire to the highest standards of constituent service, legislative accomplishment, and boat racing. I'm pleased to announce that Team CD13 swept the elected officials category at the Lotus Festival, and was outraced by only one boat in the entire weekend's race. Congratulations to assistant coach Sam Siegel, cockswain Alejandra Marroquin, navigator Helen Leung, and rowers Mitch O'Farrell, Bea Hsu, Amanda Medress and her brother Zach Medress, who pinch-rowed when we found out on the race morning that a mysterious back injury had claimed one of our rowers.

Dgarzila and Sha in L.A. also report on the boat races. Congratulations also to Mayor Villaraigosa, whose staff had their first-ever boat on the water and demonstrated considerable enthusiasm. And thanks too to Heather Repenning and Kabira Stokes, who worked with Y Que to produce a multi-hued team uniform that represented each of the neighborhoods that CD13 comprises.