Thursday, September 14, 2006

What's CD13 Doing in Historic Filipinotown?

The pride and joy of Los Angeles's Filipino Community, Historic Filipinotown, or "Hi-Fi" models how a community's pride can translate into real quality of life benefits for the individuals it represents. What follows is a summary of the projects that are going on in the neighborhood of Historic Filipinotown. You can find the print-ready file on Historic Filipinotown here.

There have been many, many improvements to traffic and pedestrian safety, including the installation of "smart" crosswalks in front of Rosemont Elementary and at the intersection of Alvarado and Valley Street; stamped artistic crosswalks at Temple & Hoover, Temple & Alvarado, and Temple & Glendale; and replacement sidewalks at Reno Street and Parkman Avenue.


Historic Filipinotown's proud history and culture is taking shape in our built environment. In the last few months, we’ve witnessed the formation of the Historic Filipinotown Improvement Association Chamber of Commerce, overseen the allocation of $75,000 for the development of a Filipino WWII Veterans Memorial at Lake Street Park, and once again hosted the annual Filipino Veterans Parade through Temple Street.