Thursday, September 14, 2006

What's CD13 Doing in Elysian Valley?

Over the past year, our constituent services and district development team has been so busy that I haven't had time to blog everything they've been up to. Over the next week, look for an update in this space for your neighborhood. What follows is a summary of the projects that are going on in the neighborhood of Elysian Valley. (I've already put up a similar list for Atwater Village , and you can download print-ready files about your neighborhood from our What's CD 13 Doing? Page) You can find the print-ready file on Elysian Valley here .

In our effort to make the neighborhood even brighter and better, my office has worked with the community to allocate over $1 million towards new street lighting for the area. Look for the new lights to be phased in over the coming months, starting in the northern end of Elysian Valley.


The new lighting caps off a prolonged period of community beautification and improvement. We have installed K-rails where Gilroy Avenue meets the Los Angeles River to prevent illegal dumping, continued to co-sponsor the yearly clean-up, and overseen the dedication of the Jardin del Rio on Riverdale and the dedication of Phase 1 of the Marsh Street Park project.

Along with these beautification projects have come numerous infrastructure improvements. We have allocated $45,000 to Elysian Valley United for the purchase of radio equipment, and we have officially launched KEVU, "Community Radio for Elysian Valley." A $1.5 million Prop 40 grant has been approved for the development of an 18-acre parcel located between Newell and Stadium Way on the southwest side of Riverside Drive into a new park.