Thursday, September 21, 2006

What's CD13 Doing in Echo Park?

Echo Park is home to a bustling community, one that has been the focus of much media attention lately. Whether featured in the L.A. Times or seen in the film QuinceaƱera, Echo Park's popularity is booming. But with this growing enthusiasm comes increased expectations for a safer and more beautiful community. Over the last year my staff has worked to make sure that the reality of life in Echo Park matches the hype. What follows is a summary of the projects that are going on in the neighborhood of Echo Park. You can find the print-ready file on Echo Park here.

The Echo Park Lake and Boathouse is in the middle of a major renovation. A federal grant provided by Congressman Xavier Becerra has allowed for the restoration of the structural stability of the boathouse, installation of an ADA accessible ramp, the replacement of the dock decking and building floor sheathing, and many other improvements. Look for more improvements to the bridge, water quality of the lake, and the recreation center.


A farmers market is coming to Echo Park in October! Look for future announcements about the location.

The Glendale Corridor Project is finally complete! Several of the implementations have been put into place including a signal at Aaron and a left-turn arrow at Alvarado and Sunset. Many thanks to the dedicated core of Echo Park volunteers who have worked with Department and city officials over the past 7 years to obtain local, state, and federal funding for the project. Your vision to transform this section of Echo Park from a cut-through motor speedway into a more manageable and more aesthetically pleasing corridor for us all.