Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What's CD13 Doing in East Hollywood?

We have witnessed an incredible amount of change throughout East Hollywood over the last year, and the improvements that have been made are reflective of some of the most pressing concerns for Angelenos anywhere. Whether it is the construction of a new park or the installation of security cameras along the Vermont corridor, it seems that as East Hollywood goes, so goes Los Angeles. What follows is a summary of the projects that are going on in the neighborhood of East Hollywood. You can find the print-ready file on East Hollywood here.

There are a number of beautification projects going on in East Hollywood. Construction is almost complete on the Heliotrope Median between Beverly and Oakwood. Improvements include the expansion of sidewalks and the installation of diagonal parking, along with the planting of new trees and shrubs along the median. Furthermore, the Melrose Hill Community Garden is being revitalized. Debris has been cleared and a new vision for the area is becoming a reality. Read more...

Construction on the Lexington II Pocket Park has begun. The city’s Bureau of Engineering will be working with the Department of Recreation and Parks to secure funds for the project. Additionally, look for new benches and tables soon at Madison West Park.

Finally, $155,000 in federal funds has been found to improve traffic at the intersection of Santa Monica and Western – the most pedestrian intersection in all of Los Angeles. Look for left-turn arrows, pedestrian countdowns, and extended left turn pocket lanes.