Wednesday, September 06, 2006

CD13 Is The Undisputed Ice Cream Capital Of The World

Amy Walters' ice cream investigation for NPR's Day to Day magazine uncovers the cold, creamy truth about Los Angeles: its best ice cream parlors are in the 13th Council District.

Walters manages to sample the goods at Pazzo Gelato, the new line-at-all hours Silver Lake haunt, the ever-inventive Scoops (where one CD13 staffer sampled the Olive Oil Pine Nut gelato last week), Helados POPS on Vermont and Mashti Malone's, the Persian parlor that is across the street from the district. She might have also included the Disney Soda Fountain across the street from Hollywood and Highland and Lickety Split in the Egyptian Theater courtyard, both of which Jonathan Gold included in his guide to L.A.'s "ice cream renaissance" in the L.A. Weekly.

Can any other elected official lay claim to so much creamy deliciousness?