Thursday, March 31, 2005

News From Around the District: Historic Filipinotown

Putting roots down in Filipinotown

Putting roots down in Filipinotown.

The beautification of Temple Street proceeds! On February 12th we planted 23 purple orchid trees along the Hi-Fi thoroughfare, the first to come of 160. SIPA, the Historic Filipinotown Improvement Association, and Pacific Media Expo all deserve credit for their support, and Jocelyn Geaga-Rosenthal, Joel Jacinto, Environmental Affairs worker Julie Van Wagner, Paula Angeles all deserve special commendation for getting those trees in the ground.

Not far away, Belmont High School will be adding a mural soon, with help from neighborhood matching funds.

The Lake Street Skate Park has only been open for six months and it's already enormously popular, as we demonstrated at the Punk Skate Fest in February. Pro skaters showed off their tricks, American Apparel showed off their wares, and a few local punk bands showed off their shredding.

Make the park safe for the kids

Make the park safe for the kids.

Also last month, Lake Street Park got the first installation of safety cameras in our parks. We were joined by a group of neighborhood children for the announcement. Many of you have said that you would use your neighborhood parks if you felt safer in them.

We have managed to take care of the homeless encampment on Lake north of Beverly. The Street Trees division removed a pair of unsafe trees that shielded the encampment from view. The Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority also helped provide services for the individuals who were staying there.