Thursday, March 31, 2005

News From Around the District: Echo Park

A shout goes out to Friends of Logan Street Elementary and Friends of Elysian Heights Elementary for winning neighborhood matching funds to support beautification projects at the respective schools. Elysian Heights, I know, is planning a “Making State History” mural. Can I paint the Pobladores?

Also using NMF funds is the Lemoyne Beautification Team, who will be panting native plants on the Lemoyne median.

The boat house renovation has begun! The restoration will not be visible to landlubbers, but the fish will get a good look at the strengthened support structure underneath our popular Echo Park Lake attraction. Also, Nike has contributed $50,000 for improvements to Echo Park Lake (and no, it won't be called “Nike Park Lake” either).

Resurfacing is wrapping up at LaVeta Terrace and Academy Road, so expect a smoother ride there.

Construction has resumed on the Glendale Corridor project! Bureaucratic obstacles between CalTrans, DWP, and SBC had interfered with the operations schedule. CalTrans had required LADOT to resubmit a permit application, DWP had dragged heels on relocating fire hydrants, and we needed to get SBC to relocate its power lines on Alvarado, but now we're back on target.

Once again, the annual Dodger Job Fair filled the parking lot at the stadium, with 125 employers represented and 3,000 job seekers combing through their offerings.