Thursday, March 31, 2005

News From Around the District: Glassell Park

Top row, left to right: Ronald Sires, Virgil San Juan Sy, Jose Vargas. Bottom row, left to right: Cynthia Harrington, Eric Garcetti, Shae Seward

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The Glassell Park Chamber of Commerce installation took place at Ribet Academy, formalizing the accomplishments of a terrific group of people in putting together a real business community in one of L.A.'s underrated business districts. Ribet Academy. They followed up with a February mixer at Glendale KIA, which is really in Los Angeles, despite the name.

We did it! After a long public negotiating process (and a dozen e-news announcements), the Glassell Park Community and Senior Center broke ground the second week of the year. Thanks to Public Storage and the community members who joined the process to create an invaluable neighborhood resource: a 7400-foot community center that will include a senior center and kitchen, a field office for my district council staff to use for community office hours, and a large general-use community space. Public Storage will make approximately 40 parking spaces available for use in connection with the community space. And climate-controlled storage spaces are right around the corner! In the picture above of the Public Storage Community/Senior Center groundbreaking ceremony, featured from left to right are: Anne Wheeler,president of Glassell Park Seniors; Jim Fitzpatrick, vice president of operations, Public Storage Corp; me; George Brauckman, incoming co-president of the Glassell Park Improvement Association; Helene Schpak, Chair of the Glassell Park Neighborhood Council; and Helen Jacobs, president emeritus of the Glassell Park Seniors. And kids!

Career day with the Dodgers

Career day with the Dodgers.

Go Dodgers! The Dodger Caravan came to Washington Irving Middle School in January. I joined Jeff Kent, Odalis Perez, Jim Tracy, Steve Garvey, Pepe Yniguez, and Al Martinez to give the students a look at Dodger Blue.

Along with L.A.'s other northeast communities including Atwater Village, Highland Park and Eagle Rock, KTLA celebrated Glassell Park live on the air from atop the Southwest Museum.