Thursday, March 31, 2005

News From Around the District: Atwater Village

The Atwater Village Residents Association has been busy planning the Atwater Street Festival. To get involved, contact AVRA or Field Deputy Jim Omahen in my office. The festival itself is planned for Sunday June 12th, at 3100 Glendale Boulevard. Previous years have seen attendance of well over a thousand and I can't wait to kick off summer at the upcoming festival.

Ferncroft Park is moving toward realization! The Bureau of Street Services has cleaned out the overgrown undergrowth of ivy from the small street easement at the end of Ferncroft over by the Glendale-Hyperion Bridge. Northeast Trees has put down mulch and planted several new trees. They will put paths through the small park and install benches. Friends of Atwater Village have proposed a Red Car themed mural to adorn the pylons under the bridge. Also, the Friends deserve congratulations on their successful application for neighborhood matching funds for their “Respect, Reclaim, Revisit” project.

Many of you have helped me get rid of nuisance pay phones (especially the Atwater Village Chamber of Commerce). When they are installed in the public right of way, it's relatively easy to have them removed when they attract problems. But on private property we have to negotiate with the owners; many have been responsive. In order to maintain safety and quality-of-life on Fletcher Avenue, we are currently asking for cooperation in the removal of five phones. If you have a phone that's a location for trouble, contact Jim.

Farmer's Market update: The parking lot of the Wells Fargo Bank on Glendale Blvd has been proposed as a site for a Sunday farmer's market. Got more ideas? Go to to complete an online survey.

Fletcher's getting a trim! Street Trees has pruned back some leafy obstructions at Larga and Fletcher per your requests. And U-Haul has put up vining to deter taggers.

Is it ever too early for a sandwich from the Tam?

Is it ever too early for a sandwich from the Tam?

Also, did you see the Tam O'Shanter and other unique members of the Atwater Village community on KTLA's morning show?

Luis Lopez sends this to my attention: Friends of Atwater Village is having a "Neighborhood Clean-Up" Event. Be a Friend and join Friends of Atwater Village to help clean-up our community by picking up litter, painting out graffiti, and removing weed overgrowth. Make sure to sign-in and get supplies and bottled water; please bring work gloves, lots of energy, and community pride. For more information please visit us online at Saturday, March 26th, 2005, from 8:00am to 12:00pm. Sign-in Location: Atwater Ranch Market, 3111 Glendale Blvd.