Monday, May 02, 2011

Construction on the Cahuenga alley project has begun

Today I was thrilled to join Hollywood business community leaders to break ground on a project that will transform the alley behind local businesses into a safe, thriving pedestrian thoroughfare. The alley is located west of Cosmo Street between Hollywood Boulevard and Selma Avenue, and will be the first pedestrian alley of its kind in Los Angeles.

The alley's concept was developed with local property owners and business tenants and will be an outdoor open space for visitors to stroll, relax, and enjoy outdoor dining options and patio space. The project will include major rehabilitation and construction, including the addition of new drainage, lighting, pavement and a security system in the alley. The existing potholes, pools of stagnant water, and orphaned dumpsters will be removed as part of the project.

I particularly want to thank the Hollywood Property Owners Alliance for helping to spearhead this effort and the East Cahuenga Alley Corridor Association for their work to make this project a reality.

When this project is complete, locals and tourists alike will be able to relax and enjoy our beautiful weather in this new outdoor space.