Thursday, December 16, 2010

Welcome Zipcar to Hollywood

Hollywood is getting a new transportation option with the arrival of Zipcar. This car sharing program is already available at four local college campuses and is now being tested in Hollywood, a neighborhood that is both walkable and has multiple public transit options.

Car sharing programs help reduce air pollution and traffic congestion for everyone. Each Zipcar takes 15 to 20 cars off the road in the cities it serves.

Zipcar members pay an annual fee to join and a daily or hourly rate when they want to use one of the fleet's cars. The program gives drivers the flexibility of having access to a car when they need it, but without actually having to own a car. The usage fee includes insurance, gas, and roadside assistance.

Zipcars now have two designated on-street parking spaces at the following five Hollywood locations:

  • Vine Street between Sunset Boulevard and Selma Avenue
  • Hollywood Boulevard at Western Avenue
  • Wilcox Avenue at Sunset Boulevard
  • Highland Avenue at Yucca Street
  • Hollywood Boulevard and Ivar Avenue
These locations were selected because of their heavy foot traffic and access to public transportation, including bus lines and Metro stops.

Non-Zipcars cannot park in Zipcar spaces, so (as always) please watch the parking signs.