Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Report potholes by calling 3-1-1

Operation Pothole 2011 begins on January 8 when the Bureau of Street Services will roll out 50 crews throughout the city as part of an effort to address the increase in street repairs needed because of the recent rainstorms.

We need everyone to help make Operation Pothole a success! Please call 3-1-1 (the city's non-emergency service number) to report potholes in your neighborhood. The more potholes we identify, the more potholes we can fix.

Please don't assume that the city magically knows about the pothole near your house or on your way to work, school, the store, or wherever. Give us a call at 3-1-1 with the approximate address of the pothole. We want to have as comprehensive a list as possible before the crews are deployed for the Operation Pothole weekend.