Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New iPhone app helps drivers find parking

Today we unveiled a new iPhone app that will help drivers in Hollywood find street parking.

Hollywood is the first neighborhood in the country to pilot the Parker application, which was developed by Streetline. Parking meters in our pilot area have been outfitted with ultra-low power wireless sensors and sends the data to mobile smart phones through the Parker app. Parker will tell drivers which blocks have more than four available spaces, more than two, or fewer than two. It will also let drivers know where there is "rock star" parking -- areas with the most open spaces.

Reducing the amount of time that drivers spend looking for parking will also help reduce traffic congestion, air pollution, and frustration.

Parker is available at the Apple app store for $1.99. You can also learn more about it at the city's Department of Transportation website.

As with all mobile devices, please do NOT use Parker while you are driving. Find a safe spot to pull over or have a passenger use it for you.