Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Yesterday, we called the DWP administration into Council Chambers to get answers about their demand earlier this year for an unreasonable and unnecessary rate hike. While that increase was ultimately defeated, it has since come to light that DWP misled the public about their reasons for backing an increase. This is unacceptable.

To make sure the DWP puts its customers -- the people of Los Angeles -- first, I have introduced a motion that would create an
independent DWP watchdog through a Charter amendment passed by the voters, ensuring that this customer advocate would be insulated from politics and the DWP.

Yesterday, I built on that motion with another action to reform DWP.
The motion is aimed at increasing public scrutiny and reducing the uncertainty the DWP can inject into the overall city budgeting process. The motion would require DWP to publicly present its budget well in advance of the budget deadline and would change the current deadline that allows DWP to pass its budget after the passage of the city’s budget, as was the case this year.

Specifically, it would require DWP to present its proposed budget by April 20, which is when the Mayor is required to present a proposed city budget every year. This would guarantee a lengthy period of public discussion about the budget. The motion would also require the DWP Board of Commissioners to pass the department’s final budget by June 1, which is when the City Council must pass the final city budget.

The motion may be found here: