Friday, July 02, 2010


The most significant financial obstacle to higher education is often not that there aren't loans, scholarships or grants available, but that people just don't know about them or how to navigate the process to get that money. Cash for College is Los Angeles' way of linking students in need with the money they need to get a college education.

Earlier this week, I met with some of the students who are receiving $600,000 in scholarships directly from LA Cash for College at its
5th Annual Scholarship Program Awards Reception. But that direct funding is just a small part of Cash for College's work. It's annual convention this year drew 13,000 students and parents. Between January and March, LA Cash for College hosted 120 financial aid workshops to help students identify funding sources and navigate the paperwork and process apply and receive those funds.

The annual LA Cash for College convention features a wealth of financial aid information, seminars on college life, interactive career exhibitions, and an Exhibit Hall packed with college and university recruiters from campuses across the country. High school students and their parents should plan their calendars now to attend on December 8-9, 2010.

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