Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Computer access and WiFi expansion coming to Los Angeles

The City of Los Angeles has won $7 million in federal economic recovery funds to expand computer and Internet access for Los Angeles families. The funds will allow us to install more than 2,600 public computer workstations, provide broadband connection at 72 computer center sites, expand WiFi networks at places such as parks and community centers, deploy portable wireless training stations, and upgrade networks used to connect thousands of computers to the Internet.

In these tough times, this project is particularly important for job seekers who are using computers at libraries and job source centers to look for job opportunities or prepare resumes. On a recent Sunday, I happened to pass by the Central Library in Downtown L.A. and saw a line of people waiting to use the computers there. This grant funding will allow us to significantly expand computer and Internet access, and hopefully that will help many job seekers find work.