Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Musical Strangers create good cheer

This holiday season the Silver Lake Musicians Co-op, an organization that engages musicians in civic activity, has been organizing local talents to perform free concerts at hospitals and convalescent homes to spread holiday cheer. The participants are people from all walks of life, including educators, students, salespeople, and even professional musicians such as Jim Wootten, Led Zepagain bassist and nephew of the legendary Les Paul.

The We Were Strangers Yesterday Christmas Band has raced from one nursing home to the next, dealing with car problems, equipment failures, car accidents, traffic tickets, and even a set of car keys falling down an elevator shaft -- all in the same day! Still, nothing has kept them from getting to their next performance and seeing as many patients as possible.

The group will also be organizing performances on Christmas Eve and on Christmas afternoon. If you would like to lend your musical talent to the group, please contact Gary Gamponia,
Silver Lake Musicians Co-Op Director, at (213) 388-8500 or 1starvingmusician@sbcglobal.net.