Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Los Angeles adds 1 million recyclers to the rolls

Today, I joined with Mayor Villaraigosa and tenants at the Echo Park Senior Housing to announce that we have added another 1 million Angelenos to our recycling program thanks to the Multi-Family Recycling Program, which provides free recycling services for buildings with 5 or more units and was officially launched in 2007.

The city's recycling program is an enormous success, serving 745,000 households and 578 LAUSD elementary and middle schools, as well as 913 restaurants that have diverted 32,000 tons of food waste into composting.

Thanks to these efforts, Los Angeles recycles more than any other major city, diverting 65% of its trash away from landfills -- or 6.7 million tons a year.

To sign up for the Multi-Family Recycling Program or other recycling programs, call 3-1-1. As Echo Park resident Ida Talalla will tell you (in the video below) it's that easy!