Monday, November 16, 2009

Introducing Chief Beck to the Drew-Estara community

This weekend I was proud to introduce LAPD Deputy Chief Charlie Beck (and the next LAPD Chief of Police) at a Harvest Festival my office hosted in the Drew-Estara neighborhood of Glassell Park. It was a beautiful sunny day at Juntos Park, and more than a hundred neighbors came to the park to meet the chief and learn more about the city services and community resources available to them.

I am proud of many things I've done to make the neighborhoods I represent safer, but one of the areas where I think we've particularly made a lot of progress is in Drew-Estara. Multi-agency task forces have helped to significantly reduce gang violence by putting behind bars dozens of criminals who live in this neighborhood. We've held numerous resource fairs to help families get services to improve their lives. And we've made tangible changes, such as building Juntos Park on the site of a former nuisance property.

I'm confident that Chief Beck will continue to work in close partnership with this community to continue our work to make it a safer place for the families who live there.