Monday, September 28, 2009

This weekend in Historic Filipinotown...

On Saturday, my office hosted a neighborhood walk of Historic Filipinotown. We brought local government to people at their doorstep, asking residents about their concerns and distributing information about the city services available to them. Many thanks to the members of the HiFi Chamber of Commerce, LA Neighborhood Land Trust, Clean and Green, and L.A. Derby Dolls -- as well as other volunteers -- who helped me canvas the neighborhood and knock on more than 100 doors.

After the walk, I attended the launch event of the Pilipino Workers' Center's walking tours and screenings of work by Pdub Productions. On the Mobile HiFi tours, participants can stroll the neighborhood or ride in the PWC's Jeepney (pictured at right) to learn about the rich history of Historic Filipinotown. On Saturday, the tour guides included yours truly, and I hope my riders had a good time!