Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Thank you, Chief Bratton!

LAPD Chief Bill Bratton phoned me this morning to let me know about his plans to resign.

Chief Bratton has been an extraordinary leader for our police department, and I’d like to thank him for his exemplary service to the City of Los Angeles.

Under Chief Bratton’s watch, crime rates in LA have plummeted to the lowest levels in decades, more officers have been put on our city's streets and in our neighborhoods, and the reputation of the LAPD has improved significantly. A few weeks ago, the consent decree was lifted, which is further proof that Chief Bratton initiated a dramatic change in the culture of the LAPD. In Los Angeles, we have come to expect community-based and community-focused policing that emphasizes civil rights as well as public safety.

Our city is safer today because of Police Chief Bratton’s leadership, and I am optimistic that his legacy will make the LAPD a stronger institution for years to come.