Tuesday, June 09, 2009

CCYF Kid Watch L.A. Volunteer Event

Today, I attended the Kid Watch L.A. Volunteer Recognition Event, which honored and celebrated parents and volunteers whose participation in the program helps kids get safely to and from school.

Kid Watch L.A. is a comprehensive approach to child safety that includes a “Safety Valet” at schools to help children get in and out of cars carefully, while ensuring that traffic runs smoothly. Kid Watch L.A. also encourages parents to walk their children to school, creating less traffic and pollution while supporting a healthy lifestyle.

In the past two years the program has grown from 50 schools and a few hundred volunteers to over 140 schools with thousands of active parent volunteers. Schools in my district with Kid Watch programs include: Atwater Elementary School, Frank Del Omo Elementary School, Lockwood Elementary School, and Harvard Elementary School.

I was very excited to see hundreds of volunteers at this event, and most importantly I am looking forward to seeing this program grow, ultimately making it safer for more of our city’s children to get to and from school.