Monday, April 20, 2009

SpokesQuote bike rack design selected for East Hollywood

I am pleased to announce that Forester Rudolph’s SpokesQuotes design has been selected as the winner of the East Hollywood bicycle rack design competition. The winning design (shown at right) is a simple, modern “speech bubble” shape that will be engraved with proverbs from the diverse cultural communities where they will be located.

The winning design was selected from among more than two dozen entries that were reviewed by a selection committee that included representatives from the Bike Writers Collective, Community Redevelopment Agency, L.A. Bicycle Coalition, East Hollywood Neighborhood Council, Barrio Planners (the architects for the East Hollywood Streetscape Plan), the L.A. Department of Transportation, the Little Armenia Chamber of Commerce, and my office.

Forester is a resident of the Melrose Hill neighborhood. When the approval process is completed (it still needs to be approved by the East Hollywood Neighborhood Council and the Cultural Affairs Commission), approximately two dozen bicycle racks will be constructed and installed on Hollywood Boulevard between Western and Vermont as part of the comprehensive East Hollywood Streetscape Plan scheduled to begin later this year.

We asked the community to assist us with designing new bicycle racks that would serve their purpose as a safe place to lock bikes while also beautifying the community. The SpokesQuote design not only meets these goals, it also incorporates the rich cultural heritage of the East Hollywood community.