Friday, April 03, 2009

Free services for family caregivers

The City of Los Angeles Department of Aging links older adults and their family caregivers to supportive services throughout the city. Family caregivers are defined as those who provide unpaid assistance to a spouse, relative, neighbor, or friend who is alone or unable to take care of themselves.

Unfortunately, many caregivers are so focused on the needs of their loved ones that they often do not realize there are services available to assist them. To assist family caregivers, the Department of Aging provides Family Caregiver Support Group and Caregiver Trainings free of charge.

Caregiver Training topics include:
1) Fall and injury prevention
2) How to handle hoarding
3) Medication management
4) Reducing caregiver stress
5) Legal issues related to caregiving

Please contact the Department of Aging's Staff to schedule a free Family Caregiver Support Group meeting or free Caregiver Trainings today:

Anat Louis: 213-252-4007 or
Susi Shapiro: 213-252-4004 or

You can also visit the City of Los Angeles Department of Aging website to learn more about services for Family Caregivers.