Monday, March 02, 2009

LAPD force reaches record level

More than 60 new recruits to LAPD started their training today and their addition to the department marks a record number of police officers for Los Angeles. At 9,895 officers, this is the largest deployment in LAPD's history (the previous high was in 1998 with 9,852 officers).

I've been working to expand our police force and have consistently supported city budgets that have allowed us to hire more officers. Under the leadership of Chief Bratton, our department is using technology to strategically deploy officers and it is working in partnership with community residents to deter and solve crimes.

But we know we have a lot more to do.

Just last night there were shootings in Echo Park and Highland Park; two victims are dead and one is in the hospital. That is three too many.

I am committed to continuing to add officers to our police department to protect and serve our neighborhoods.