Friday, February 20, 2009

Safety and security for Oscar

Around the globe, Hollywood is synonymous with entertainment. This weekend, with the Academy Awards, everyone will be reminded of Hollywood’s status as the world’s entertainment capital. No matter which movies or actors you’re rooting for – we all want to make sure that the Oscars continue to be a safe and secure event for all involved.

Today I joined LAPD Chief Bill Bratton to announce LAPD's collaborative effort with the Department of Homeland Security to use a new aerial technology system at this year’s Academy Awards. Called LA Shield, the system will enable LAPD to better assess security of the infrastructure around the Kodak Theater and allows for real-time exchange of information with police resources on the ground. Each year, LAPD has ensured the safety and security of those attending and working at the awards ceremony, and we expect that this year will go just as smoothly.