Monday, November 24, 2008

Comprehensive Solar Plan

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Today I joined the Mayor, my colleagues on the city council, labor and environmental leaders to announce the most aggressive comprehensive solar plan in the nation. Building on our efforts to provide clean and reliable energy for the residents of Los Angeles, this venture will provide 10% of our energy from our most abundant resource, the sun, by the year 2020. Not only will this provide clean energy, but because solar panels work best at the hottest time of the day when energy demand in highest, it will reduce strain on our infrastructure.

We announced this initiative at Solar Integrated Technologies; a manufacturing firm located in South Los Angeles that produces flexible, thin-film technology that allows solar cells to cover almost any surface and provides 160 local, good-paying jobs. As we ramp up our solar demand, more businesses like Solar Integrated will come to Los Angeles and spur economic growth in the region. These firms are making our economy stronger and our environment cleaner, leading to a healthier and stronger Los Angeles.