Friday, June 27, 2008

Introducing Bike-Friendly Initiatives

Bicycles on LA Metro
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As commuters battle high gas-prices and traffic congestion this summer, Angelenos are finding alternative ways to get around town. Making alternative transit options a reality requires government, businesses, and people to work together, and so today I sponsored a resolution in council asking the MTA to stop its ban on bicycles on trains during rush hours. I will be working with the MTA to explore various options that will make their trains more bike-friendly. I also introduced a motion to create a pilot program of “sharrow” lanes on streets, that would allow bicyclists to travel more safely outside of parked car zones. Bicycling reduces traffic and air pollution, and I want to continue to make it a safe and fun alternative to driving in Los Angeles. City Council committees will review both of these initiatives in the upcoming week.

For more information, see LA Times Road Sage Steve Hymon's commentary on bicycles on the metro and sharrow lanes.