Friday, May 09, 2008

Preserve America Communities - Historic Filipinotown and Thai Town

Preserve America Communities
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Los Angeles has long been one of the most culturally diverse regions in our country, and it’s very important to preserve our rich heritage. The dedication of Thai Town in 1999 and Historic Filipinotown in 2002 were significant milestones for the Los Angeles community, providing places to celebrate and maintain Thai and Filipino culture. Today, I announced passage of two resolutions that put the City of Los Angeles on record in support of designating Historic Filipinotown and Thai Town as Preserve America Communities.

Preserve America is a federal initiative designed to support local efforts to preserve and celebrate our country’s cultural heritage. Communities designated as a Preserve America Community become eligible to apply for Preserve America grants. If Historic Filipinotown and Thai Town are approved, it would make them eligible for additional resources and help introduce the communities to a national audience.