Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bicycle project receives Rideshare Diamond Award

Diamond Rideshare Award
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Today, the Civic Center employee bicycle facility project was awarded the Rideshare Diamond Award from Metro and the Ventura County Transportation Commission for outstanding achievement in programs that help improve mobility and air quality. The Civic Center employee bicycle facilities project brought showers, shower lockers, bike lockers, and other amenities to City Hall to make it easier for employees to bike to work. With this project, we’re encouraging people to help our environment and reduce traffic at the same time.

I particularly want to acknowledge Helen Leung of my staff for her efforts to promote cycling to work and to make these facilities a reality. Helen is pictured here with Melina Mariano and Francois Verin of the City's Personnel Department, who also helped to ensure the project's success.

Click here for more information on the City of Los Angeles’s bike/walk to work options.