Friday, April 18, 2008

Department of Transportation's new web site

The Department of Transportation's new web site is live! According to DOT:

LADOT’s new site introduces "Parking in LA," where anyone can easily find
off-street City parking lots, hours of operations, rates, even the number of
spaces…with a map service on how to drive there. In addition, the site’s
home page features direct connection to "Real-time Traffic" information,
updated every 60 seconds, indicating where traffic congestion is occurring
and areas to avoid. A ‘What’s New’ feature on the home page highlights new
information on programs, policies and press events. Transportation advocates
can now download presentations and reports with just one click. Check DASH
and Commuter Express routes and schedules too.

Thank you...and please remember to "Watch the Road."

Congratulations, DOT! We will be working closely with DOT in Hollywood as part of our mobility plan to build a great web site with Hollywood Entertainment District BID to help Angelenos better navigate Hollywood transportation options. Stay tuned!