Thursday, March 13, 2008

A message about our tough budget times

Our city is facing a budget crisis and we know that we need to make sacrifices to keep our city fiscally sound. The City Council is deeply committed to the responsibility we have to the people of Los Angeles to protect core city services, such as public safety and trash pick-up.

Today, my colleagues and I announced that City Councilmembers and our Chief Legislative Analyst have committed to collectively returning $1.2 million from our office funds to help balance the city’s budget. This amount is in addition to the $600,000 of Council office discretionary funds that we gave up to close a mid-year budget gap earlier this fiscal year.

We have faced tough budget times in previous years and have met the challenge of closing the gap. Working together with the mayor, city employees unions, general managers, and others, I am confident we will balance our budget.