Saturday, December 22, 2007

Seily Rodriguez Park

Me and the kids at Seily's Park
Originally uploaded by CD-13

Today I opened Seily Rodriguez Park in East Hollywood. This is the 20th park that we've opened in the 13th Council District since I took office in 2001. There are now 33 parks, which means we've almost tripled the number of parks.

There were several hundred neighborhood kids who came out to celebrate the new park, which features playground equipment and a basketball court. The park is in the middle of one of the densest neighborhoods in the country, and is a much needed open space for kids to play. It was great to see so many kids running around and having fun.

BTW, we named the park after Seily Rodriguez, who was 8 years-old when she was killed by a car while walking to school in the neighborhood. I think that Seily would have loved the park and it will be a great way for the community to remember her.