Thursday, December 06, 2007

Hollywood Pizazz and Midnight Ridazz

This morning, I helped to unveil plans for a newly-proposed office building above the Pantages Theater in Hollywood that was originally approved by the city in 1929 but never built. The Los Angeles Times had a preview from Roger Vincent of the As I said in the article: "How often do we get the chance to bring history back?"

In Hollywood, we are working to balance jobs and housing in Hollywood and we are having success in building badly-needed housing alongside high-paying entertainment jobs in our most famous neighborhood. When people can live close to where they work, it is good for the entire city, by relieving traffic and creating a neighborhood that residents, visitors, and employees alike can enjoy.

Thanks to the community leaders from our neighborhood councils, business associations, and historical preservation groups that have embraced this project moving forward.

Also in The Los Angeles Times is a piece by Liam Gowing on the phenomenon of bicyclists in our city known as Midnight Ridazz.

Finally, don't miss Kerry Cavanaugh's excellent story in the Daily News on one of our very own city employees, City Planner Simon Pistucha, who ditched his car two years ago and now enjoys a better quality of life as an Angeleno (actually Pasadenan) who traverses the city on foot, bus, train, taxi, and occasional shared car.