Thursday, September 20, 2007

Rally for Equality

Rally for Equality
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One of the greatest privileges that I've enjoyed as an elected official has been to perform marriage ceremonies. Friends and colleagues have asked me to preside over celebrations of their love and commitment to one another. I've had the opportunity to wed both heterosexual and same-sex couples, the latter including two former CD13 staff members known to readers of, Shane Goldsmith and Monica Granados.

Attitudes on same-sex marriage are undergoing a huge generational shift, but the law in this country has been slow to accommodate this change. Meanwhile, activists continue to advocate for equality under the law all over the nation. I joined the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center and a host of other gay rights advocates in calling on the Governor to sign AB43, Assemblymember Mark Leno's bill that would make marriage in California gender-neutral. AB43 would make California a state where everyone can enjoy the benefits of marriage, from the social sanction of legal recognition to the material privileges that come with married.

No matter what comes of this legislative session, we'll continue to work towards just and equal marriage laws.