Monday, August 13, 2007

Health Care for All

It's been said that a conservative was a liberal who got mugged. As our health care system continues to buckle and fail before our eyes, changing the minds of many who formerly belittled the idea that government should provide health care as a public good, the newer version of the phrase is that a liberal is a conservative who got sick.

I had the honor of emceeing a rally on City Hall's front lawn in support of Shelia Kuehl's Senate Bill 840, which would create single-payer health insurance in California.

Part of the 365-city tour in support of SB840, the rally featured speakers from the unions and activist groups that are pulling together to make universal health care a reality. There's more information at the campaign's website. Sign up and get involved.

The Los Angeles City Council has long endorsed single-payer health care for California, and I was proud to be part of sponsoring a motion to do so this year with Councilmember Richard Alarcon.