Thursday, April 12, 2007

National Museum of the American Latino

The impact of Latinos on American life, art, culture, and industry is more visible today than ever before, though the Latino story is long inseparable from the American one. I joined my colleagues from the council’s Latino Caucus to win unanimous passage of a resolution of support for the establishment of the Commission to Study the Potential Creation of the National Museum of the American Latino, a landmark that would celebrate the achievements of American Latino life, art, history, and culture. Designated H.R. 512 (and introduced by Congressmember Xavier Becerra, who serves as Assistant to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and is the highest-ranking Latino member of Congress) and S.500, the bill sets in motion a number of processes necessary to establish the museum: fundraising, siting, and engaging the American Latino community in the development of the design of the museum. I hope that the efforts of Congressmember Becerra will soon mark the Washington, D.C. skyline with a new monument to the richness of Latino culture and history.