Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Senior Housing at Triangle Square in Hollywood

Triangle Square
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Making the dream of Hollywood a reality for those who call it home requires a number of simultaneous efforts. We have to create sustainable jobs, such as those that will be provided by the W hotel at Hollywood and Vine. And we have to build affordable housing where working class people can safely rest their heads at night.

I've written about how the W Hotel represents economic development with a human component. Just down the street, the 104 affordable senior units at Triangle Square will become a new standard for affordable housing for those members of society on a fixed income. Located at Selma and Ivar, the Triangle Square project is the result of a joint venture between Gay and Lesbian Elder Housing and McCormack Baron Salazar. 34% of the units are geared towards housing seniors who have HIV/AIDS or who are at risk of falling into homelessness.

The project goes beyond just providing four walls and a ceiling; Triangle Square includes an interior courtyard and community space that will provide social and recreational opportunities for its residents. Situated in the historic core of Hollywood, the project is surrounded by retail sites, easy access to public transportation, and any number of entertainment venues. By integrating our seniors into a rising community, we can be sure that they will not spend their twilight years in the shadows.