Thursday, March 01, 2007

Green LA Girl: Blue bins for apartment dwellers

Where's Ya Bin?
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Another guest poster joins the fold: Siel from Green LA Girl has offered to contribute occasional posts on Los Angeles's steps toward a greener city. Stop by her own blog for more.

Finally, Los Angeles apartment dwellers will get their own blue bins! Starting April 2007, the City of Los Angeles will offer free recycling services to all multifamily residences, including apartments, condos, town homes, and mobile home parks.

Participants will get blue recycling bins and free weekly recycling service pickup once a week. And the service is provided at no cost to landlords or tenants.

Blue bins will not appear automatically; residents must sign up. Either the tenant or the owner can sign up. If a tenants calls, the city will contact the owner or property manager to get owner approval to start the program.

Cathie Chavez, the Project Manager of the Multifamily Residential Recycling Program, says residents "should start calling now so they can be the first ones to receive service." Registration takes just 5 minutes, Cathie says.