Wednesday, November 01, 2006

One Million Trees

This letter about the Million Trees Initiative came today from my friend Cynthia Ruiz, President of the City's Board of Public Works. More information is available at

As part of a larger effort to make Los Angeles greener, cleaner, healthier, and more beautiful for us all to enjoy, the Mayor has launched Million Trees L.A. The goal of the program is to plant one million trees over the next several years. Million Trees L.A. is a partnership between the City of Los Angeles, community groups, businesses and individuals like you working together to plant and provide long-term stewardship of one million trees, planted all over the City with a focus on areas that need it most.

The trees will provide shade, clean the air and help reduce the greenhouse gases that cause global warming, capture polluted urban runoff, improve water quality, and add beauty to our neighborhoods. We are inviting you to join with thousands of other committed residents of this magnificent City in revitalizing Los Angeles.


We need your help to plant trees today for a greener, cleaner, and healthier Los Angeles. Here are some ways that you can get involved:


Everyone can report private property tree plantings to the “Million Trees L.A.” tree count. Just go to the website at, click on "Make Your Tree Count" and enter your tree into the database. You will receive a certificate that will commemorate your tree as part of the initiative. Make your tree one in a million!

You can also find resources on the website to plan your planting. Plant the right tree at the right place! Save yourself time and energy by checking out the information sources on the website that can help you decide what to plant and where.


Learn about upcoming volunteer opportunities and organizations planning community tree plantings through the website. You can also look at the calendar of events, and sign up for Million Trees L. A. newsletters, bulletins, and announcements.

Additional information is available by dialing the City’s toll-free information line, 3-1-1.

Thank you for being one in a million!