Wednesday, September 27, 2006

What's CD13 Doing in Silver Lake?

Silver Lake is the beating heart of the Thirteenth Council District, a dynamic neighborhood that serves as a cosmopolitan center where culture, commerce, and compassion co-mingle. Traffic safety measures have been implemented, crime prevention steps have been taken, and our developing and unique infrastructure projects, such as the senior center, the library, the dog park and the reservoir, all speak to the tremendous strides that Silver Lake has made. A summary of CD13's ongoing projects in Silver Lake follows. You can find the print-ready file on Silver Lake here.

LAPD has increased the number of patrols in the Sunset/Silver Lake/Parkman area of Laurel and Hardy Park in order to target gang activity, graffiti, and other nuisance behaviors. Additionally, we found funds and have installed a security camera, which is monitored by the police department at Bellevue Recreation Center.

We have fully completed Phase I of the renovation of the "Sunset Triangle," the median where Sunset Blvd., Griffith Park Blvd., and Edgecliff Drive meet. Furthermore, we have finished $1.7 million in improvements to Bellevue Park, where we have renovated the irrigation system, installed new lights, and erected another security camera.

Look for the six new crosswalks around the intersections near Mayberry Street Elementary School, and check out the installation of speed humps on Coronado Terrace. All of these measures will make the walk to school safer for the students of Mayberry Street.