Monday, September 25, 2006

What's CD13 Doing in Glassell Park?

Glassell Park has been a busy center of development over the past several months. Here's a summary of recent projects, from the resurfacing of Verdugo Road to the various joint-use developments being constructed in Glassell Park. You can find the print-ready file on Glassell Park here.

The 3901 Eagle Rock Blvd. project is underway, a mixed-use development that will ultimately consist of four, 50 foot high buildings with 12,000 square feet of retail space, 114 condos, and 326 parking spaces, is underway.


Also, look for the Central Region Glassell Park Early Childhood Education Center, a joint-use project that includes affordable housing, seven classrooms, and 13,200 square feet of play area, to start construction soon at the intersection of Carlyle St., Ave. 30, and Verdugo Rd. This kind of collaborative effort helps to address two of the most pressing problems in the city: high housing prices and overcrowded schools. Hopefully, this joint-use project will serve as a model for others as we continue to provide affordable housing and improve our education system.