Saturday, June 24, 2006

New York Times visits Hollywood

In the New York Times' Escape section, writer Cindy Price provides 36 hours of Hollywood nightlife, brunching, dining, dancing, and even horseback riding. It's a great visit, with stops at such CD13 landmarks and new spots as Los Bros Hooper's Skooby's Hot Dogs, picnicking at Cinespia in the Hollywood Forever cemetery, Thai Elvis at Palms, and George Abou-Daoud's Bowery.

One complaint: Ms. Price repeats the cliche that "nobody walks in L.A."* As you'll see when I follow up Wednesday's post about today's Great Hollywood Walkabout with a report from the field (short version: it was awesome, much thanks to CD13 Planning Director Alison Becker for turning out more than 100 urbanists, neighbors, architects and planners), Los Angeles is a city that is heavily walked, and our challenge is to make that experience easier and more rewarding.

*To the author's credit, she followed up the cliche with " ride a horse."